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Founder's Message

"To me the very essence of education is concentration of mind, not collection of facts, “SWAMIVIVEKANANDA”

'Education is caught is not taught.' Human beings are the greatest of the living creatures in the universe. Man is placed highest in all religions higher than the angels. Man alone can attain perfection. (According to the Jews &,Mohamadans after creating the angels & everything else god created man. Then asked the angel's to salute him, everyone did so except Iblis. so God cursed him &he; Became Satan. Even the Hindu Devas found fulfillment after taking human birth.) Behind this allegory is the great truth that Being Born human is a boon. So take this life and live it to the fullest achieving your greatest potential, making your mark on the scope of life. In shaping our destinies we do need help from the out side. The person from whose soul such impulse comes is called a Guru, 'The true teacher has wonderful capabilities and his disciple should Be as wonderful a receiver.

|| आक्ष्चर्यो वक्ता कुशलोsस्य लब्धा ||

When both these are wonderful and extraordinary, there will Be a splendid working, yielding fruitful results. "Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door" said poet Emily Dickinson, 'Without realizing we sometimes close our minds to a lot of options and refuse to look in directions where we cannot perceive things beyond our limited vision. 'Trapped in our rigidity, we often stay where we are not evolving, not growing. We must Believe more in ourselves and our dreams. We must understand that all is possible, if only we are receptive, if we keep our eyes and ears open and our spirits high. Most importantly, we mustn't shut out any possibilities.

Hon.Mrs.Shobha Tawde
Founder(Kolhapur Public School)